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We all know we live in a high paced and high strain world that demands only the best that we can offer, and of course we as humans would like to give what is required? At DevelopMee we saw there was a gap, a swift and a change brewing in the underbelly of the corporate world. People are falling behind, they can’t keep up and they just don’t have the time to sit down and teach themselves. The solution? Quick online based training that can quickly teach you and develop your skills at your own pace (which we all know, needs to be quick).

For individuals, training means new skills, new opportunities and a better self-esteem in regards to your capabilities. We as humans strive to be the best at what we want, and would like to know what we’re doing is according to our plan. Some people more than others will sit down and force feed themselves the information needed, but some of us, would like to take a relaxing stroll through the education world. Best thing of e-learning? It caters to both those individuals. You can gobble down the information and set a new personal record of completing a course. Heck, you can even send us your time through so that we can congratulate you. Or you can sit back, relax, take a sip of your red cappuccino or caffe late, and take a stroll through the education path. You choose your way, we only provide you with the options.

Developmee is all about teaching new skills and empowerment

For Businesses, we all know we want the best from our employees. Mike not doing well with time management and can almost never finish a project or task on time. No need to scold or get rid of Mike. Sit him down and say “Do this course, and improve for us”. Mike will know you care for him and his skills development. And we all know what loyal employees are to a company. If your employees know they are being cared for and given opportunities to improve their skills, you’ll get that productivity you’ve been looking for. All major competitors in this world when it comes to business have one thing in common, internal training and motivation. Do you have that? If not, you might need to rethink your business model there.

Take a look around you. What do you see? A phone? Electronic Device? Education deprived individuals wallowing through life with no real direction or purpose? The last one may be situational but you get the drift. We live in a technological empowered and based world. So why not use that to our advantage to build the knowledge and skills of those around us. E-Learning is such a tool that we can utilize in our current situation. DevelopMee is fully accepted on ALL electronic device, and no, not your microwave. We are on mobile, tablets and web based platforms. We have an app that you may use, download your courses for full offline pleasure. Watching the rugby and your team is losing? Distract yourself with a nice relaxing course of project management. Your friend is rambling on about their life problems and you just can’t face that right now? Distract yourself with a great course of Team building and management. The world is your oyster and you are the pearl. Develop yourself into the beautiful shiny creature you strive to be with the spit of knowledge. Gross I know, but nature is beautiful and so is knowledge.

DevelopMee is committed to providing affordable course for everyone to enjoy that is easy to understand. We aim to take part in the 4th Industrial revolution and make sure that we give people the opportunity to keep up with the changing times we live in.

We hope you enjoy your stay and give your brain a nice boost in cognitive abilities with us.

For any feedback you may email us at : and we will always listen to you. No person is less important than the next.